Lesson 03 : Only the Shutter Speed Can Interactively Be Changed



Click to Enlarge The Interactive Virtual Cam Application | To Start, Click on Any Shutter Speed Number

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Please Note : For This Lesson Plan, Only The Shutter Speed Setting Can be changed.

1 - Click on any Shutter Speed numbers to start.
2 - As reminder, in this lesson plan, the value for Film Speed and Shutter Speed can not be changed.

What is Shutter Speed? ( S or Tv)

- Shutter Priority Mode : (It usually has a symbol of ‘S’ or Tv’ to indicate Shutter Priority Mode selected)

- Shutter Speed setting allows you to choose the length of time that the film is exposed to the scene you’re photographing.
In other words, Shutter Speed setting Controls the length of the film or / sensor that is exposed to light. (How fast/long you let light in).

- In Shutter Speed mode (or S or TV on the camera dial), you as the photographer choose the shutter speed and let the camera make a decision about what aperture to select to give a well exposed shot.

- Most people switch to shutter priority mode when they want more control over how to photograph a moving subject. For example if they want to photograph a racing car but want to completely freeze it so there is no motion blur they’d choose a fast shutter speed (say at 1/2000) and the camera would take into consideration how much light there was available and set an appropriate aperture. If instead you wanted to photograph the car but have some motion blur to illustrate how fast the car is moving you might like to choose a slower shutter speed (like a shutter speed of 1/125) and the camera would choose a smaller aperture as a result.

- Keep in mind that as the camera chooses different apertures it will impact the Depth of Field in your image. This means if you choose a fast shutter speed to freeze your fast moving object that it’ll have a narrower DOF. ( Depth of Field)

img Fast shutter animation




Shutter Setting Exercise

* Please note that for this exercise, the only setting that you are manipulating is the Shutter Speed setting.

Exercise 01 - Stationary Object : You need to use a tripod for this exercise.
1- Choose a moving object such as freeway over pass at night, a fan or a fountain.
2- Match your Film speed and Aperture to the default setting on the Virtual Cam Application.
( 2.8 for aperture and 200 for the film speed)
3- Photograph your object using the Shutter Speed settings displayed on Virtual Cam as guide.


Take An Interactive Test

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- This application is designed and programmed to help the beginning photography user to better understand the abstract photography concepts, so that they could capture their unique and personal images through photography more effectively.

- The application is free to use for anyone who is interested in learning or teaching photography lessons for classes or individual use.

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